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Dear Friends,

we've got for you cloth diapers with your favorites ROAR patterns!

You can get them in 3 models- All-In-One, Cover or Pocket.*

All-In-One (AIO) is a cloth diaper with a permanently sewn absorbent insert inside.

Cover and Pocket are two models for which you have to use special reusable prefolds.


  • OS - for a child from 5 kg to 15 kg



Cloth diaper "La fontaine de la baleine"

  • Wraps with which you can create sets with a diaper:

    La fontaine de la baleine – blink blink

    I'm a Passenger - Bleu sans fin blink blink

    Les adorables loutres - Shining river

    Les tutus pour tous

    Biscuits de Noël au chocolat

    Andy Wraphol – Party blink

    Piggy in the sky with diamonds

    Coquelicots - Bouquet d'or

    Autographe de girafe- Soleil de savane blink blink

    Over the rainbow - blink blink


    These wraps are 280gsm of:

    92% - Egyptian combed cotton

    8% soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly rexor viscose

    You can choose any size of wraps and diapers!


    Write to us WHICH PATTERN OF THE WRAP and WHICH SIZE OF THE DIAPER you want to choose.

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