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DeaRRR RoaRRR FRRRiends,

Are you ready for your next adventure?


Today we are going to play with totally friendly dinosaurs!

We are taking you to the amazing world of these fascinating animals! Although they have not been with us for millions of years, they constantly inspire us to be brave, bold and curious about the world. Let your kids play with our sweet and adorable dinos! Let them awake their imagination and take them to the land of endless fun! Although the word “dinosaur” in Greek means “a terrible lizard”, don’t woRRRy - you are completely safe with our cutie dinosaurs!


Everyday life spent in a Limeosaur wrap is super fun, the lime color of the wrap is refreshing and stimulating, and the contrasting black dinosaurs look phenomenal! At the same time, the scarf is incredibly soft and durable, so it will be an ideal place to rest and sleep for every little explorer, regardless of age.

RRRRR - Limeosaur