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RRRRR! Not so angrrry, not so dangerrrous, not so scarrry! They are sweet and lovely! Our dinosaurs like to smile and play with children. They will be perfect mates in every trips, these small and those big!

Happy dinosaurs will take care of children and they will lead the way through the endless blue and glossy gold sun rays will warm every heart and bring many positive thoughts.
This new version of RRRRR wrap is really beautiful and very elegant. It will fit perfectly all outfits.

It is ideal for newborns and toddlers and can lull them to sleep every time they are wraped. Many love, hugs and kisses are guaranteed.
All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steamed clean before being send which is a guarantee of their highest quality.
I created them in a limited quantity, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.

RRRRR – Bleu sans fin - Blink

  • "RRRRR – Bleu sans fin - Blink" it's 280gsm of:
    -92% - Egyptian combed cotton
    -8% - soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly golden rexor viscose

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