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Dear Diso Friends!


The hearts of all Potteromaniacs have been stolen long time ago by our Patronus wrap. It is the right time for you to beeing charmed by our beautiful doe, which we woven as a tribute to two eternal values: love and memory.


Love knows no time limits, it is a magical feeling that enriches our hearts and makes our lives even more complete and valuable. The memory of a loved one stays with us forever, regardless of the distance or time that has passed since the last meeting. This feeling magically binds two souls in an inseparable, mystical way. Our beloved parents give us the first love, and then we pass these feelings on, remembering their value and uniqueness.

Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours - it goes wherever your children are.

You can show your baby love by your presence and closeness, and by carrying it with your heart - and it will allow you to enjoy this fleeting time constantly.


All this with our phenomenal wrap. The light blue doe presented on it, against the background of insignia and magic dust, looks stunning. A brilliant combination of deep black and contrasting intense blue - it gives an amazing effect! It is made of extremely soft cotton, smooth and strong, great working and flexible - perfect for a newborn, toddler and older child. Thanks to the softness of the material and its carrying capacity, you will be able to lull your child with love and tenderness every day.


  • „Memoire” is a 280 gsm scarf woven from 100% OEKO certified Egyptian combed cotton.

    Our wraps are 100% consistent with the law and copyright.

    We weave all wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.

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