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Quite new version of this crazy Diso pattern is here! Laughing red-green lettering on a deep black background is the craziest pattern this spring. Add a little bit of madness to your life with this wrap, with a beautiful gradation of colors – this this bloody red and bottle green look stunning!


Of course this wrap is soft and cozy, thanks to which it will take care of your baby's delicacy from the first moments of his life. We guarantee - you will be surprised by its softness and capacity – our wrap is perfect for wrapping and carrying both newborns and older children.

HAHA - Dark!

  • „HAHA - Dark!” is a 280 gsm wrap woven from Egyptian combed cotton OEKO TEX 100


    All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steamed clean before being send which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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