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I am very proud to present you the second wrap from my new project in Diso – Dream Collection. This wrap is also magical, full of colours and with a fantasy pattern.
Today is the time for release of Faboulous Unicorn. This beauty is made of amazingly soft cotton, smooth and strong, perfect for a new born baby and also for a toddler. Its wonderful and eye-catching colours will bring your child to beautiful sleepy land every time you wrap it

The design with colorful unicorn is very feminin and elegant but at the same time refers to beautiful fairytales known by every child. Let your and your child’s dreams come true and take in this creature – a symbol of beauty, wisdom and innocence. ðŸ’ŸðŸ’ŸðŸ’Ÿ

Diso - Faboulus Unicorn

  • All our wraps are made from 100% OEKO certified Egyptian combed cotton (285 gsm).

    They were all woven on our own loom which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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