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Dear ROAR Friends!

Here is the first ROAR wrap in a burgundy color, intense and beautiful, perfectly matching the autumn aura. The depth of this color resembles the most beautiful shade of falling leaves, and the leaves of maple and ivy are unmatched in creating a spectacular color. Our wrap is decorated with white foxes running among the coniferous forest. They will provide great company for your child on every autumn walk!

This beautiful wrap is made of extremely soft cotton, smooth and strong, perfect for both a newborn and an older child, because it is very springy and has great tightening.

Zen de Bordeaux

  • „Zen de Bordeaux” is a 270 gsm wrap woven from 100% OEKO certified Egyptian combed cotton.


    All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steamed clean before being send which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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