Dear Roar Friends,

we are proud to present you next wrap from line called „Sleepy Dust” - with first wraps dedicated from the first day of life. All wraps from this series are extremly soft, comfortable and ideal for learning babywearing and for all who looks for a nice, malleable wrap.

The face of „Sleepy Dust” project is Kasia Stępień, an excellent babywearing consultant and a real specialist in this area.

We know perfectly well that your children are the sun in the galaxy of your family! For every parent, the beloved child is the center of the universe, its sun, moon and all the stars of the cosmos. It is like day and night, a beautiful contrast that can be admired with delight and rediscovered every day. A child's smile is his superpower, which tickles our heart and soul like a warm ray of sunshine, because we know that all the love and care we offer to the baby returns to us with double power, recharging our love batteries!

This time we created an incredibly soft wrap in beautiful colors of moon black and sunny yellow. These colors symbolize day and night, and thanks to their universality - we can decide which side of the wrap we would like to present today. Warm, cheerful yellow insanely contrasts with deep black, making the wrap look just amazing!

Thanks to your love and the magical Sleepy Dust, each child will find their own piece of heaven in your arms! This wrap is very flexible, stretches great and is super soft and cozy, thanks to which it will take care of your baby's delicacy from the first moments of his life. We guarantee - you will be surprised by its delicacy and capacity.


  • YOU’RE MY UNIVERSE SLEEPY DUST – New line dedicated from the first day of life.


    „YOU’RE MY UNIVERSE – SUNNY” is 250gsm wrap, made from 100% OEKO certified cotton:

    -20% organic Pima cotton

    -80% Egyptian combed cotton


    All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steam cleaned before sending which is a guarantee of their highest quality.