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Dear Friends,

I am extremely happy to show you my newest pattern - "Tup tup"!
This onomatopeia is associated with sound of little animals’ paws, especially hedgehogs. And that’s what you’ll find on "Tup tup" wraps!

Happy, cheerful, playing hedgehogs - a beautiful, heartwarming view :)

However, not all hedgehogs can be merry and safe - a lot of them are being hurt in car accidents, some other suffer from grass burning, a lot of them become orphans very early. Fortunately, there are some people with big hearts for those little creatures and help them recover. I would like to donate a part of the income from Tup tup draw for one foundation who helps hedgehogs in need.

Would you like to win a ring sling with tiny hedgehogs?

One of them can be yours 

Tup Tup

  • As always perfect for newbies but also for toddlers :)

    The blend is 270gsm of 100% of Egyptian combed cotton.

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