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  • You can choose any or more of this items:
    Size 8: 119 EUR
    Size 7: 109 EUR
    Size 6: 99 EUR
    Size 5: 89 EUR
    Size 4: 79 EUR
    Size 3: 72 EUR
    Ring Sling: 64 EUR (you can choose shoulder and the colour you want in the upper part)
    10€ more for fringes (loose)

    (plus shipping fees)
    Blanket (100cm, full width wrap with black minky polar background): 35 EUR
    Scarf (1/2 wraps width, about 190cm before wash): 32 EUR
    Shawl (150cm long full wrap's width ) : 38 EUR
    Backpack (with cordes): 35 EUR
    Nursing Sweat Dress – black (sizes XS-XXL, with two discreet zip pockets for nursing a baby and one „kangaroo” pocket, and a collar that could be easily change into a hood): 60eu
    (plus shipping fees)
    /with detached pointy hat (entirely made out of the wrap) full personalised- they can be with bunny/cat ears or without it/
    -Soft structured ergonomic standard carrier* (for children sized 68-98 ; 6 months to 2 y.o.
    Panel size, about 37 cm under the knee, height 40) 170eu
    -Soft structured ergonomic vertically and horizontally adjustable carrier* (for children from size 68 upwards until 4 y.o.) 190eu
    -Soft structured ergonomic onbuhimo carrier* (for children sized 74-98/104, up to 30kg, it can be adjusted at child’s legs 15-50cm, head and in high 30-45cm): 130eu
    - Soft structured adjustable doll carrier (panel size 32x24cm): 30eu
    (plus shipping fees)
    SHIPPING FEES: Its 15 eu in Europe for wraps and 12 for small items like blanket but to USa or Canada its 15 for small items and 18 for wrap If someone woul like to order more than 1 wraps then every item its +3eu more
    So to make this happen you have to send a email to with:
    • your name and address
    • item you'll buy with all specifications (size, fringes/no fringes) and choosing if it's "Tropical Sunset" (rainbow) or "Soulwave" (turquoise)