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Dear ROAR Friends,

As you probably know - June is the month of unity, equality and pride.

ROAR will always be on the side of love, because we consider it to be the most important value in life.


Love got many faces but the same force.

Our new wrap is made of for all parents and all kids.


It is decorated with our wonderful unicorns, which remind us that each of us is unique, but we are all equal and equally important. We are sure that your children will love to befriend these cheerful creatures and together they will conquer the world by sharing their daily smile and mischief! It is extremely important for the child to discover the world and his abilities and possibilities from an early age, and as you know - it is always more fun in a cheerful company.


This is our first wrap with unicorns with a gradation of different colors of rexor.

Thanks to that it is insanely beautiful wrap, the intense indigo color is smoothly change into a juicy raspberry pink. When the light plays on this wrap it perfectly reflects its spectacular colors, because we are able to see its true, deep glow! This wrap is soft and cozy, thanks to which it will take care of your lovely child. We guarantee - you will be surprised by its softness and capacity, it is great choice for newborns and toddlers as well!

Over the rainbow - Be yourself

  • „Over the rainbow - Be yourself” it's 270 gsm of:

    92% - Egyptian combed cotton

    8% - soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly golden rexor viscose


    All wraps are woven on our own loom and they are steamed clean before being send which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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