Do you prefer fluffy kittens or cute doggies? Dogs are men's best friends but cats would treat you as a parent. Dogs can bring you a newspaper but cats will warm you on winter days... Very tricky! But now you don’t have to choose, because you can have both of them! Every day our sweet kitties and  lovely dogs can be your companion during coffee or tea break! 

We proudly present you simple and classy enamelled ROAR mugs.

Mug - Miau miau or Hau hau

  • Product: metal mug with enamel layer and print

    Material: metal

    Printing method: dye sublimation

    Dimensions: 80 mm height, 86 mm diameter

    Capacity: 300 ml

    Weight: 144g

    Print quality: photographic

    Print surface: 170 x 40 mm

    Dishwasher safe

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