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Otters are sooo sweeet! An otter mum carries her baby on her belly - isn't it the same as we do in a wrap?
They are so cute when they hold hands, they look like couples in love on a romantic walk. An even more pleasant view is the otter family, which cuddle up on the lake. Otters really can appreciate life, spending time with their offspring, hugging all the time.
They would love to wish you „Sweet dreams” and take you to the magic land of sleepy dust. Make yourself comfortable, feel warm and cosy, immerse yourself in this pink fluffy cloud, close your eyes… Breath calmly. You are getting sleepy. Your eyelids become heavier…
Sweet dreams!
This wrap is perfect for newborns and toddlers, soft and fluffy, will lull your child to sleep like the best owl lullaby. Many love, hugs and kisses are guaranteed.
All wraps are woven on our own loom which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

Les adorables loutres – Sweet Dreams – Blink Blink

  • I created them in a limited quantity, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.
    " Les adorables loutres – Sweet Dreams – Blink Blink" it's 280 gsm of:
    -92% - Egyptian combed cotton
    -8% - soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly golden rexor viscose
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