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Dear Roar Friends,
Somewhere over the rainbow under the blue sky… live many unicorns.
Have you already travelled to their wonderful, dreamy and magical land?
If not maybe you should try. This time our friends would like go invite you for an ice-cream party! Do you like ice-creams? I am sure you do! They are sooo sweet, you can not resist them!
This beautiful composition of pudre pink and pastel pistachio will emphasize the beauty of every feminine spring outfit. These colors bring to mind ice cream scoops, and thus, warm, sunny days, carefree, free time and fun.
„Over the rainbow” wrap is very special and original. The most beautiful pattern we have ever made in quite new colour version with fantastic rexor. It is perfect for newborns and toddlers and can bring them to unicorn sleepy land every time they are wraped. W
Much love, many hugs and kisses are guaranteed
All wraps are woven on our own loom and steam cleaned befor sending which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

OVER THE RAINBOW- Sky of Diamond Blink

  • I created them in a limited quantity, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.
    "OVER THE RAINBOW – N-ice-Cream Blink" it's 280gsm of:
    -92% - Egyptian combed cotton
    -8% soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly rexor viscose
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