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Et Hop

  • 70% Egyptian combed cotton and 30% raw linen (265gsm)
    Size 8: 137 EUR or 132 EUR (II grade)
    Size 7: 127 EUR or 122 EUR (II grade)
    Size 6: 117 EUR
    Size 5: 107 EUR
    Size 4: 97 EUR
    Size 3: 89 EUR
    Ring Sling: 81 EUR
    Blanket (100cm, full width wrap with black minky polar background): 47 EUR
    Shawl (150cm long, full wrap's width): 52eu
    Scarf- (1/2 wraps width, about 190cm before wash) 42 EUR
    (plus shipping fees)
    (*II grade = small, only aesthetic flaws)
    Dress: 67 EUR
    (plus shipping fees)
    ROAR Carriers:
    /with detached pointy hat (entirely made out of the wrap) full personalised- they can be with bunny/cat ears or without it/
    -Soft-structured ergonomic standard carrier* (for children sized 68-98; 6 months to 2 y.o.
    Panel size, about 37 cm under the knee, height 40) 180eu
    -Soft-structured ergonomic vertically and horizontally adjustable carrier* (for children from size 68 upwards until 4 y.o.) 200eu
    -Soft-structured ergonomic onbuhimo carrier* (for children sized 74-98/104, up to 30kg, it can be adjusted at child’s legs 15-50cm, head and in high 30-45cm): 140eu
    (plus shipping fees)
    If you would like to order one of them please sent us email till 01/06/2020 to:
    Please precise in your email:
    - the title “et hop!"
    - which size or item you would like to order
    - if you would like to order ring sling please let us know do you prefer the left or right shoulder.
    Let us know where you are from and if you prefer PayPal or bank transfer. Then we'll ask you to pay half of the price of the wrap. The second half of payment - when wraps will be ready (about 6-8weeks).