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Somewhere over the rainbow… live many unicorns.
Have you ever travelled to their wonderful, dreamy and magical land? There are no tears, no sadness, no pain, only happiness, sweetness and love ❤

We would like you to join us in this trip over the rainbow, through plum purple, juicy and candy pink, banana yellow, lime and emerald green, to azure blue. Glossy gold sun rays will warm our hearts and bring many positive thoughts.


Kids love to imitate their parents. If you have more the one child and you use wraps, slings or carriers, you can be sure sooner or later your child will try to carry a doll or a bear using your best silk shawl ;)
To avoid it, we would like to propose you our lovely doll cariers. They are all made of your favourite wraps so you and you kid can carry your "baby" using the same pattern! Also you can mix them (if you have different taste!). It will be a great fun for both - you and your toddler!


The pattern on a panel is randomly chosen.

Doll carrier - Over the rainbow - Blink Blink

  • Soft structured adjustable doll carrier - panel size: 32x24cm

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